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Here at Carbon AG Solutions we aim for an environmental future for generations to come. A green carbon solution to your farming and industry needs. Our goal isn’t to protect the environment but to create a world where the environment doesn't need protecting. We are taking small steps to greater sustainability! Brad Wisewould was born and raised on a broad acre wheat and sheep property which enables him to the knowledge to share with farming professionals who have also made farming their passion as well as their business. 

Bradley Wisewould  Chief Executive Officer

Bradley Wisewould
Chief Executive Officer

Brad was born and raised in the Jerramungup, Western Australia on a broadacre wheat and sheep property which gave him a thorough understanding of farming systems, and enabled him to meet and share information with farming professionals who have made farming their passion as well as their business. Brad has worked in corporate farming for the past 25 years, managing broadacre agricultural operations in New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Brad has returned to Western Australia to establish an independent operation supplying carbon and liquid products to the farmers of Western Australia.

Brads experience and passion for farming is well known by all who meet him and his desire to support farmers goals of creating a sustainable farming future makes for a powerful ally for farmers everywhere.


An organic carbon pellet, in it’s simplest description, is agricultural grade compost processed through a pellet mill, to form a pellet which is capable of being dispensed through an air seeder. Organic carbon pellets are an effective way to improve the quality of the soil as well as the water holding properties of the sub-soil. By forming the organic carbon into a pellet which can be applied with an air seeder, it is possible to dispense an organic carbon pellet in the ground adjacent to the seed, at the time of planting.

Organic Carbon Pellets

A new product to supply organic carbon and nutrition.

Organic Carbon Granules

A granulated organic carbon product with nutrients.

Loose Organic Carbon

Designed to supply carbon and nutrients for deficient soils.

Liquids (Bioprime)

A range of products from growth promotants to nutrients.

Carbon AG Solutions | Facility


Our manufacturing facility is located in Ravenswood which is within 100 kms of Western Australian Wheatbelt. The property is large enough to facilitate b-double and road train access with sufficient space for loading and unloading. The site is an existing chicken farm which consists of 6 large sheds on the acreage, which houses the pellet manufacturing mill, a drying shed and additional sheds to store the finished pellets for sale.



Whilst this product is new to the Western Australian market, it is not an entirely new product. Pellets have been manufacturer from compost and other raw materials around the world. Carbon Ag Solutions will be investing in research and development to adapt the product to suit the Western Australian market place. Future product developments will include the production of organic carbon granules infused with fertiliser. 

Carbon Sequestration

Carbon Ag Solutions are committed to the research and development of Carbon Sequestration with the intent of creating additional farm income from the sale of Australian carbon credit units.

Carbon Sequestration

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