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Improving Plant Productivity

Carbon Ag solutions are proud to be the exclusive distributor of all Bioscience products including the exceptional Bioprime.

Bioprime is a unique soil priming agent that works by changing soil microbiology.

Bioprime is composed of a large range of signalling molecules. When applied to soil, even in very small amounts, Bioprime changes biological diversity within a wide range of important soil microbial groups, promoting the development and diversity of beneficial microbes and suppressing undesirable microbes. The outcome of these changes is to grow a stronger plant, promote better root growth, and ultimately create a more efficient growing system.

Greater growth efficiency equals greater profits.

Bioprime is manufactured from natural products using a patented fermentation process. It contains compounds identical to those secreted by plant roots to attract beneficial microbes, because these compounds are hormonal in nature, small amounts can make big changes.

Bioprime is non-toxic and completely biodegradable. 

Other biological products that are promoted in the agricultural industry are based on plant extracts or Fumic and Humic acids. The premise of this type of product is to stimulate the microbial population by providing a more desirable environment for growth of the desirable bacteria and a source of carbon and energy for these bacteria. Simply providing carbon and energy into the soil can feed the undesirable microbes as well, whereas Bioprime acts in very specific and predictable ways.


Bioprime – How it Works  

Bioprime contains 5 classes of organic signaling compounds including furanones. Furanones are a range of organic signaling molecules that have been discovered to allow simple bacteria to communicate and organise their environment. By carefully managing the production process these furanones are one of the features that distinguishes Bioprime from other biological products that exist in the market. Bioprime also contains ethionones, the signaling chemicals plants excrete to attract symbiotic partners

Furanones and ethionones are similar to hormones, in that only a small quantity is required to induce a large response in the soil microbe population. Therefore, only a relatively small quantity of Bioprime is required to elicit significant changes in population structure. Having a greater proportion of beneficial microbes encourages and allows improved plant growth, increased disease resistance, greater stress tolerance and ultimately improving yield and/or quality of the plant.

Bioprime is not an inoculant, it is best described as a Soil Conditioner. The furanones and ethionones mimic the communication signals within the microbial population and stimulate the growth of certain beneficial classes of bacteria and fungi while depressing undesirable classes of bacteria and fungi.

Benefits of Bioprime

Modern DNA technology allows us to accurately measure changes in classes of microbes within any population. Bioprime has been shown repeatedly to influence microbial population in a repeatable and predictable manner. Known beneficial microbial groups, (Dikarya, Gamma proteobacteria, Actinobacteria, Bacteriodetes and Acidobacteria) being significantly increased and potentially deleterious groups (Firmicutes and Archaea) being decreased in the soil.

The graphic below demonstrates how Bioprime influences the various groups of microbes when applied to the soil.

Operational Taxonomic Units (OTU) are a measure of microbial species present in the sample. Microbes by their very nature are extremely small, too small to count individually. The OTU was devised as a means of measuring microbes present is a sample.


As the rate of Bioprime (BP) application is increased so does the change in OTU’s. This shows how Bioprime is influencing the microbial population in the soil samples. The beneficial microbes have increased, and the detrimental microbes have decreased.

Bioprime – On the Ground

Bioprime can be used as a seed dressing, applied pre-sowing or post sowing as a foliar application with compatible pesticides.

Application Guide.png

Other Liquid Products

BioPrime Trace

Bioprime Trace Liquid is a new and innovative way of supplying fully chelated trace elements to your crop. It exploits the fact that Bioprime is rich in organic acids and that these are ideal chelators meaning they stop the non-specific binding of trace elements to soil which makes them unavailable to plants.

The trace elements are supplied directly to the beneficial bugs stimulated by Bioprime. The soil bacteria then gradually release the trace element to roots. The combination of using a chelated form of nutrient and slow release by root associated bacteria provides growers with maximum use efficiency.

In broadacre cropping situations it is recommended that Bioprime Trace be applied at 2 liters to the hectare banded in the furrow at seeding.

Bioprime Dicot

Bioprime Dicot is specifically formulated for the non-grass crops to obtain all the root enhancing and

disease prevention benefits of Bioprime. Dicots are the non-grass crops plants in the rotation, including canola, lupins, peas and clovers. Unlike cereals, these plants do not form mycorrhizal associations with soil fungi. Instead, they form active symbioses with a different spectrum of soil microflora. Bioprime Dicot is made under different fermentation conditions which maximise the production of signaling components that benefit Dicot crops.

Bioprime Dicot is applied at sowing into the seedbed or as a foliar spray with post emergent herbicides. In light

soils with low organic matter and soil biology application rates are 2-3 L/ha. In heavier soils where higher levels of microbes are required to take control of the biology rates up to 6 L/ha are required.

Bioprime Seed Treatment

Bioprime Seed treatment promotes rapid and uniform seed emergence in all cereal crops. Bioprime Seed Treatment should be applied as a seed dressing at 2 Liters per tonne of seed.


We have tried many products over the years for tree health through soil improvement and now use BIOPRIME products as our go to source.

Its simple – they have been developed by people who know soil biology, have technical support by the manufacturer that is second to none, and they work.

As an arboricultural consultant, I have trialled and seen the results of BIOPRIME products. I would recommend them to anyone involved in tree care.

Steve Kneebone
BSc (Hons) Arboriculture
Classic Tree Services


The industry should really get behind this new technology. There doesn’t seem to be any downside. It is completely safe, so I can spray right next to where workers are picking. I have better production, and my use of fungicides and herbicides is way down – and best of all – no more Metham Sodium for us

Sam Calameri
Vegetable Producer – Baldivis

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